A First Brimfield Experience

I finally made it to Brimfield!  On the last day of this past end of summer Brimfield session, my friend and I drove out early and made a day of it.  It did occur to me that perhaps going on the last day was not the best way to get a good impression of all that can be at Brimfield.  In fact, as a first timer, it was quite ideal.  A few of the fields had already shut down, so that helped in making it more manageable.  “Is that your best price” really seemed to mean, “come on, it’s the last day, you don’t really want to pack that up and haul it back, right?”
We started off meandering down the isles next to our bargain central parking spot (another perk to visiting on the last day!)  It was a feast for the eyes, especially because we came with no agenda or wish list.  We started snapping pictures of all the items we were going to think about, and come back to buy if necessary.  Apparently that could never happen on the first few days of the market.  I’ve been told, if you think you want it, get it, because it won’t be there later.  Since I wasn’t in need of anything, my plan was to see everything first and then backtrack for the buys of the day.

Right away I realized I was probably going to need some andirons, and why not owls?
And do you know what else you can find?
Funhouse Mirrors!  My friend wisely suggested this would be perfect for a young girl’s room so they don’t take their reflection so seriously, get silly!
Glass bottles wrapped in wicker!  I grew up with one of these in the house, I think my Mom got it from Greece, and here were tons of them!
Glass balls used as net floats by Chinese fishermen.  I used to romantically think only the lucky beach stroller would come across one of these once in a lifetime, just as it washed ashore on a secluded beach.  (And a unicorn would be observing from the dunes.)  But not so, if you look closely in the background of the picture above, you can see sacks and sacks full of these imports, just waiting for antique seekers to snatch them up for indulgent decorative uses.  I still like them.
I bought the chess lamps in the middle above.  Those I did buy right when I saw them.  Well, I walked a few feet away, and then went back to make the deal.  Even on the slow last day I couldn’t risk losing them!  They are extremely heavy and solid with great proportions and patina.  I hope I can use them somewhere!
And then I was on a roll.  I loved this little stone and steel table and the cute stool with acrylic legs on wheels.  I did think about these for a while and went back to the dealer.  But first, I had my friend talk me through the bartering process because I really needed the prices to come down.  I’m a horrible bargainer, but I was able to mutter out “Is that your best price?” and then counter offer while throwing in another table with a total price for all three, hoping the dealer was too tired to do the math.  He seemed exhausted and annoyed, counter offered, deal, done.  I was giddy.
Here’s the third table.
A Danish piece in great condition.  I love the clear wheels!
At that point we had to call it a day and pick up the pieces we had bought.  That proved a little bit difficult as we were like lab rats in a maze trying to remember what we were even seeking.  In the end, I did get andirons, but not the owls.  They had either been picked up by another lucky buyer or packed away as Brimfield had come to an end.
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