Ikea Behind the Scene and Up on the Roof Tour


Last week I joined a group of fellow ASID members at the Stoughton, MA IKEA store for a presentation on Ikea’s “green” practices and the steps the company takes to reduce its impact on our environment.  It wasn’t anything unexpected, and nothing that sounded groundbreaking.  At this point it’s more shocking when a company doesn’t have environmental policies in place and ready for promotion.  In any case, I thought it was fun to see the extremely large machines they use to bale cardboard and plastics for recycling.


We also were able to climb onto the roof to see the GreenGrid green roof system in action.  Well, there wasn’t much “action”, but it was the first “green roof” I have seen.  It wasn’t the mossy lush paradise I had built up in my imagination.  The grid of shallow planters was practical and to the point.


Kiss My (eco) Arse Recliner

I really do love the look of this recliner, and I love love the fact that this company, Q Collection, is dedicated to healthy and eco-safe furnishings.  This chair, the Kiss My Arse Recliner, is from their Studio Line.  Finally a classy and elegant recliner.  The images in my mind of overstuffed pleather creatures angled toward the nightly news are slowly fading.

Boston Common’s “The List”

At the end of last year a contact at Boston Common magazine called with a congratulations, I had made their list for the holiday issue.  I really didn’t know what this meant, but it sounded great!  Here it is, “The List”.  Thank you Boston Common!


Cape Cod In Law Apartment

I’m thrilled with the recent completion of an in-law apartment on Cape Cod.  I give thanks to Dain Stephens Design and Construction who did all of the demolition and construction.  The original space was awkward with the slanted ceiling and an oversized bathroom.
I reduced the size of the bathroom and modernized the design.  Using large tiles and floor to ceiling glass, the small bathroom feels spacious and makes the most of the natural light.  The tiling was done by Ideal Flooring using the very awesome Schluter System to waterproof the walls and floor so my vision of a curb-less shower would work.  I really think this helps to open up the space.
All the kitchen cabinets, counter space and desk area were tucked under the slanted ceiling to make that area functional without worrying about the loss of headroom.
This small space required a lot of downsizing.  The kitchenette contains a 24″ convection/conventional oven, a two burner cooktop and refrigerator and freezer drawers.  The desk area is tagged on to the end of the cabinet run at counter height for a uniform line along the wall.
The typical standard closets were torn out to open up the room and allow more wall space for art.

HGTV Green Home 2010 Rain Barrel

One more thing about the HGTV Green Home 2010.  They used the classiest rain barrel.  Maybe I wouldn’t use the pump, but I love the oak barrel vs a plastic option.  I also like the way the round metal gutter heads straight into the barrel.


HGTV Green Home 2010 Outdoor Kitchen


I’m not a great hostess, nor do I care to cook for anyone, however, I would love to entertain on this patio with this outdoor kitchen for HGTV’s Green Home 2010 in Plymouth, MA.  It was built into the side of the garage, opens onto the patio and has sliding barn doors to conceal and protect it year round.  It includes a gas grill, sink, exhaust system, counter space, and the back wall is covered in what looks like some kind of aluminum sheeting.  The vertical detail created by the sheets seamed together is great.  Perhaps the best part,  at the end of the night, you can shut the doors on the whole thing!  I wonder if it can be hosed down.

HGTV Green Home 2010 Laundry Room

I was lucky enough to be invited by Ideal Flooring to attend a brunch and tour of the HGTV Green Home 2010 in Plymouth, MA before it was given away last week.  Interior Designer Linda Woodrum did a great job with the design concept throughout the entire house.  My favorite areas were the mud room/laundry room and the outdoor grill/kitchen.  The laundry room featured custom cabinetry painted a silky grey, my favorite faucet by Kohler (a cool, articulated, non-faucet looking fixture!) and LG’s energy star front load washer and dryer.  I just loved how the room was no afterthought.  This room will be used daily and is multi-purpose.  I’m so glad the designer treated it like a star rather than dumbing it down with no design.  I also loved the flooring used, Shaw’s 3″x6″ lunar tile which I learned has 40% post industrial content.  It looked rich and durable.


Elkay Sinks and Faucets

Earlier this week I attended a CEU on trends in kitchen design.  The presenter was from Elkay and I was happily reacquainted with this company.  Not only do they make very cool and innovative sinks, but faucets as well.  A “kitchen within a kitchen” was the trend that struck me most.  Of course people are always bumping into each other while preparing a meal, entertaining or just making snacks.  Instead of just one classic triangle, think of having two working triangles in the kitchen design.  One is meant for everyday quick meal activities and the additional triangle is meant as a side station to allow for two people to work their magic in the kitchen.  As I mulled this over for my future kitchen (2020?) I was thinking how great it would be to have two separate sinks.  I’m always cleaning and chopping vegetables when my husband wants to rinse a chicken.  Now I’m wondering if a third sink for a wet bar would be overkill.    
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