Brimfield in the Springtime

I neglected to share my finds from the last Brimfield trip!  It was great fun, lots of laughter and I was a bit more experienced with my bargaining skills.  The day started off a little slow as shopping normally does, until I found something that totally excited me, it was this golden throne!

It was “I had to have it!” at first site.  I let my excitement give me away when I saw the price tag was only $95!  It was, is, in great condition!  My friend suggested it could always be reupholstered… I thought, “No, it’s a golden throne!” It’s perfect.  I sat in it and the proportions were just right for me, and it was actually comfortable!  And then, they guy running the booth says “I’ll let you have it for $65.”  !!  I could hardly contain myself, and for a second I wondered if I should play the game, walk away and “think” about it.  It was the last day of the market, how could it have lasted this long?  “I’ll take it!” I was basically jumping up and down.
That got my day started and I was ready to hunt for more golden tickets.  Here’s a few more items:
A perfect complete set, I really should have bought. The question of need held me back.  I wish I had bought it.
Ooh, those lucite handles looked great!  Again, probably should have bought it!
I just about love every little stool I see.
And here is my petite throne safe at home, I just have to find the perfect spot for it.  And yes, I can always reupholster it once the golden shine has rubbed off.
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