Cool Weathervanes, that’s right.

Tuck and Holand Lobster Weathervane

Quite honestly, I never would have given weathervanes much of a thought.  I had tossed them off as something I could care less about.  But in June I was given a tour of the Tuck and Holand Metal studio on Martha’s Vineyard and those “so what” thoughts were completely tossed aside.  I can fully understand the beauty and allure of a custom crafted weathervane, and one day I hope to be able to afford one.  These are top of the line pieces of functional art, the perfect element to top off your dream home.  I was especially intrigued by the weathervanes that had a variety of movable parts, like the school of fish that sway in the wind.

Tuck and Holand Lobster Weathervane
4 Whistlers Way
Falmouth, Massachusetts 02536
United States
+1 508-524-5087