Dreamless Nights

I recently went to NYC to check out a few things.  I stayed at a new hotel called The Dream.  It was fun and funky, a place to see and be seen, late at night it was quite a scene.  I always enjoy seeing how hotels, bars and restaurants are designed.  The Dream’s lounge area was cool; groupings of round tufted ottomans, benches and sofas upholstered in metallic fabric that gave off an iridescent glow in the dim light.  It was super comfortable to lounge on too, which I did one afternoon with my kids while we waited for some friends.  This was okay at 3 in the afternoon.  We returned one night, with kids in tow, to find the hotel transformed into “one of New York’s hottest nightspots” and if it wasn’t dead obvious we were staying at the hotel (kids in tow) I’m guessing we would have been denied access.

I also checked out the hotel lounge bathroom for design surprises.  It was super silver and fairly unisex, with a wing of stalls for gentlemen and a wing of stalls for ladies, both met in the middle where there were round hand washing stations which reminded me of my high school bathroom, only shinier.  I can imagine a few awkward situations happening there.


4 Whistlers Way
Falmouth, Massachusetts 02536
United States
+1 508-524-5087