Elkay Sinks and Faucets

Earlier this week I attended a CEU on trends in kitchen design.  The presenter was from Elkay and I was happily reacquainted with this company.  Not only do they make very cool and innovative sinks, but faucets as well.  A “kitchen within a kitchen” was the trend that struck me most.  Of course people are always bumping into each other while preparing a meal, entertaining or just making snacks.  Instead of just one classic triangle, think of having two working triangles in the kitchen design.  One is meant for everyday quick meal activities and the additional triangle is meant as a side station to allow for two people to work their magic in the kitchen.  As I mulled this over for my future kitchen (2020?) I was thinking how great it would be to have two separate sinks.  I’m always cleaning and chopping vegetables when my husband wants to rinse a chicken.  Now I’m wondering if a third sink for a wet bar would be overkill.    
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