Endless Summer Thoughts…

Early this past spring, while driving out of Boston, I became totally distracted by the most perfect advertising.  This was dangerous because I admit I really can’t multitask while at the wheel, but I needed to get closer to this truck for a photograph.  Island Creek Oysters used their take on the iconic Endless Summer movie poster to get people geared up for summer fun, and oysters.
Ever since my parents popped this movie into the VHS player one cold winter afternoon, I have loved the very idea of an endless summer.  The colors and images used for the movie poster express so much in the simplest of ways.  It still warms me up in the winter and we have made it a tradition with our kids to have this movie playing on New Year’s Eve, they think it’s so cool and witty.
Thank you Island Creek Oyster truck for your clever use of my favorite movie poster, please do it again next year!


4 Whistlers Way
Falmouth, Massachusetts 02536
United States
+1 508-524-5087