High Point Market – Fall 2012

After an exhausting three days at the furniture market in High Point, NC, I am reviewing the photos I took of pieces I wanted to remember.  There are always a few I don’t remember why I took, but here is an edited version of what I thought was cool.  Please remember, I almost always am biased and review pieces in terms of what I would want in my house.
No, I have not always dreamed of having a foosball table in my house.  I feel I have come around to understand the value of having certain activities to entertain the guys in the house.  This foosball table seemed more than tolerable, and even cool.  I love that the players are not little soccer dolls, but rather industrial chic pieces!
Live edges were everywhere!  Beautifully finished tables, stools, benches, and consoles paired with metal or wood as a base were abundant.  This look isn’t anything new, but it’s a favorite of mine and I’m glad it’s not going anywhere.  These pieces feel solid and natural.
A bench like a fallen tree.
Oh, I adore just about anything with an acrylic accent, or even all acrylic.  Add some hide to the mix and you’ve got me.  This little stool could go anywhere.
These pieces from Mr. Brown caught my eye right away!  Fabric lined drawers, what a fun surprise when you pull open the drawer!  A friend scoffed that they would be hard to clean, and I found it incredible that he had ever cleaned the interior of his drawers.  I’m sure a quick swipe with a vacuum would do the trick.  I love the cerused finish above, but the all upholstered version below was a bold move.  Unfortunately I would fear stains and wear and tear happening in no time, I’d go for the longevity of the wood finish.
There was lots of rope everywhere but mostly in lights.  Rope chandeliers, rope covered table lamps, rope handles, and more.  The casual look of rope paired with high quality craftsmanship equaled unique luxury pieces.
This bench was about to slink away when it caught my eye.  Those feet were enormous and quite solid.  I loved the way frame and charcoal finish.  If this were done in pink it would have been silly, but the neutral tones kept it dark and mysterious.  I could bring this pet home.IMG_2054
This is a lamp I would typically see in a whitewashed finish, but this beautiful subtle blue caught my eye and made it more interesting.  Very pretty.
We’ve all seen these chairs and they add such awesome drama to a room.  This one with the frame showing on the back made it structural and interesting from all sides.  I could see the upholstery changed to a pop of color with a contrasting dark frame.
So that’s a quick roundup of a few of the things I saw at the fall market, always fun to see what’s new and what’s still going strong!
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