Ikea Behind the Scene and Up on the Roof Tour


Last week I joined a group of fellow ASID members at the Stoughton, MA IKEA store for a presentation on Ikea’s “green” practices and the steps the company takes to reduce its impact on our environment.  It wasn’t anything unexpected, and nothing that sounded groundbreaking.  At this point it’s more shocking when a company doesn’t have environmental policies in place and ready for promotion.  In any case, I thought it was fun to see the extremely large machines they use to bale cardboard and plastics for recycling.


We also were able to climb onto the roof to see the GreenGrid green roof system in action.  Well, there wasn’t much “action”, but it was the first “green roof” I have seen.  It wasn’t the mossy lush paradise I had built up in my imagination.  The grid of shallow planters was practical and to the point.

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