The Process

IMG_0428Clients often ask what my process is, and that all depends… sometimes I start with fabrics to create a color scenario.  I spread them out like crazy and see how they relate to each other and how one grouping might flow to the next, as one room would be seen from another.

And then there is the editing.    A room only needs a handful of fabrics, so a lot of options get tossed out.  Even at this point the grouping is just an idea, once a palette is selected the major editing and search begins… for example, I might know I’d like a dark green velvet fabric to upholster a sofa, but now I need to find one that is available, within budget, the right fiber content, the right hue, and feels great to the client.  Sometimes I end up with what I had in the beginning, but usually I end up with a tweaked version that is a perfect fit for the client.

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